AGI's approacj

AGI's approach

AGI’s environmental business

AGI is working strenuously to solve the world's environmental concerns. Nowadays the environmental issues are too big to be managed by individual countries. In other words, it is international issues. The global warming in particular is the main one that cannot be overcome by a single effort of developed countries including Japan. From the point of view of covering a wide area of such complex issues, our company is here to introduce the world the know-how of Japan's advanced environmental technologies, as well as proactively implement the market economy mechanisms on reducing the environmental impact.

Environment surrounding environmental business

In respond to resource depletion caused by the existing energy environmental problems, support of the needs and the environmental policy measures that seek to lower the environmental load is growing every day. By contrast, Japan as the world’s leader in the areas such as energy and environment conservation, has a lot of superior technologies and has achieved the world’s highest standards in these fields.

The projects AGI is focused on・The heat supply by high efficiency boilers

We have Japanese government subsidized projects that promotes environmental projects between the Japanese government and the former Soviet Union countries by exporting environmental equipment. In the areas we work with, heat supply is a very important infrastructure. Yet, due to the economy stagnation, the infrastructure, equipment and facilities’ renewal is not performed properly. Neglecting these situation, the old type equipment may become a cause of the environmental degradation, as well as jeopardize the provision of the heat supply itself. To improve the local environmental quality, AGI is working in collaboration with the Japanese manufacturers from all over Japan to actively contribute to the innovation process by replacing the old type equipment with the Japan’s superior technologies.