Environmental issues

Solutions for medium–to long–term perspective based on the extensive know-how in climate change issues

With mounting public opinion, the awareness of risks and possibilities of climate change has reached the investors, and, in regards to all the information that has been voluntarily disclosed from CSR side, the demand for more extensive information revelation will assumptively run high. So far, the climate change issue has exceeded the current management plan limits and became more a medium–to long–term challenge. To overcome a great deal of uncertainty, the future corporate management shall be guided to see the problem not only from a short–term, but more as a medium– to long–term perspective. Having various viewpoints and considering all the individual needs of our customers, our company, using a unique know-how in solving global warming problem, aims to offer competent solutions.

Emission rights trading practice

Whether handling requests from other companies or independently conducting development projects, our company will get or support our customers in acquisition of emission permits. In addition, depending on our customers’ individual needs, we will sell the emission permits we have already acquired.